Political highlights

Country borders, state and province boundaries, and location names appear on the globe or flat map as soon as you position your pointer on them.

NASA satellite maps

Made from NASA satellite photos, the highest resolution maps of the entire planet -- one pixel to a kilometer -- show how the Earth really looks from outer space. Zoom in to see the extraordinary details of the Earth's surface.

40,000+ locations

Pinpoint any location from more than 40 thousand worldwide. For all these places you can download current weather and forecast data and calculate the distances between them. And you can find exact latitude and longitude coordinates on the map too!

Time zones

See different time zones across the world. Find out how many time zones there are in Russia or what countries make up that GMT+2 time zone.

Apple Store locations

With a single click you can see the locations of all retail Apple Stores worldwide, marked by a special apple symbol. Click "More info..." to get contact information from any store's webpage.

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