KID PIX Deluxe 3X box
Integration with iPod® Video
KID PIX projects can now be exported in iPod Video format! The video file will be automatically placed in a KID PIX Videos playlist folder in iTunes. Just drag it to your iPod and play!
Import from GarageBand®
Create your own music for KID PIX projects! Make a sound track in GarageBand and then import it directly into KID PIX.
Larger font sizes
No need to be limited to smaller font sizes - set virtually any font size you want for letters in your KID PIX projects!
Enhanced resizing
Now you can resize objects made with the Scissors tool shape options to get just the look you need.
Enhanced integration with iLife®
Choose between the legacy iMovie® and modern iMovie HD formats when exporting to iMovie - great for iLife’05 and iLife’06 users! You can also browse folders that you’ve made in your iTunes and iPhoto® libraries!
New Slide Show options
With the new Loop
(Play Continuously)
option, you can have
Slide Show projects
play continuously until
you stop them. Another
new feature allows you
to make Slide Show
projects advance to the next slide after the sound attached to the current slide finishes playing.
Handy buttons for working
with backgrounds
The new Import from iPhoto, Delete Imported Background and Remove Background buttons make managing backgrounds
much easier.