KID PIX Deluxe 3X box




The Mac Guy: Graphics program for kids so easy it doesn't have a manual
"There is no manual, but kids won't need one. Pop-up tool tips and kid-friendly audio coaching will have users fluent in no time. For younger children there is a Small Kids Mode that is even simpler."
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KID PIX Deluxe 3X Worth the Wait
"If you're familiar with the old OS 9 version of KID PIX, you'll be blown away by this one, which has been improved in every way. The graphics, for example, are now anti-aliased so there are no "jaggies." The painting area, formerly limited to 800 x 600 pixels, now stretches to the size of any Mac display. And the new version offers awesome integration with the iLife applications, so simple that even a four-year old will be able to include photos (from iPhoto) and songs (from iTunes) in their KID PIX creations."
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The Philadelphia Inquirer
Every year around this time, Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children's Software Revue, and his staff share their picks for the best holiday software gifts. This season, Buckleitner noted a trend: The market is settling down. "Old products, like the Backyard series, I Spy, Barbie... are coming back, exploiting the capabilities of new operating systems," he said.

KID PIX Deluxe 3 for the Mac (Software MacKiev,, Mac OS X, ...): In the area of creativity, Buckleitner recommends this KID PIX as an example of how software packages leverage each other. Users can export their original animations into iMovie. The product also integrates nicely with Apple's iTunes and iPictures programs.
  --Joyce Kasman Valenza