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What's new in HyperStudio 5
Developed by HyperStudio creator Roger Wagner and Software MacKiev, the new HyperStudio 5 is both true to the original design and updated for modern times with podcasting, Arduino™ integration and more.

Top features of HyperStudio 5:
  • Arduino Support
    Integrate Arduino devices into your projects.
  • "Green Screen" Movies
    Bring different backgrounds to your movies using "green screen" transparency.
  • Text Actions
    Compare and move text between text objects, and read and write text to and from files without requiring any scripting! Save written essays and quiz results, and compare entered text to desired answers.
  • Snap-To Feature
    Snap-to feature allows your audience to associate objects that snap magnetically into place.
  • Path Animation
    Path animation offers you the ability to completely customize the paths that objects travel in your stories.
  • Animation with Onion Skin Views
    Show the semitransparent image of the previous card, the next card, or both superimposed on the card with which you are currently working.
  • Podcasting Support
    Export any project to iTunes® in iPad®/iPod®/iPhone® video format.
  • Narration Option for Videos
    Make QuickTime® movies with audio narration.
  • Link to Google Maps™/Google Earth™ Locations
    It just works!
  • Keynote® Integration
    Import presentations created in Keynote.
  • iTunes Integration
    Select music from iTunes.
  • Integration with Apple® Media Apps
    Photos from iPhoto® and videos from iMovie®. (Mac only)
  • YouTube™ Browser
    Import video clips straight from YouTube.
  • Drag-and-Drop
    Drag-and-drop images, text, sounds, movies and more to instantly add elements to your projects without changing a menu. Classroom time is limited. There's nothing like HyperStudio for making the most of it!
  • The Inspector
    In a single window, control the appearance, actions, features, layout, and style of any object.
  • Object Browser
    Merge, flatten, layer, and delete objects in an instant. You can use Objects Browser to manipulate these objects quickly and easily.
  • Automatic Attributions
    HyperStudio automatically notes the URL where content came from, with space for you to add additional ments.
  • Paint Tools
    Each brush stroke is editable. Dozens of brush styles including 3D. Apply zoom, blur, twirl, antique, and more.
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