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Kid Pix 3D has received the Parents' Choice Silver Award!

"Kid Pix is a title that has been around for just about as long as software for kids has. The latest installment, Kid Pix 3D, does not disappoint with its amazing array of creativity tools. The 3D appears in many ways. Some of the paint tools have lighting effects to look as though paint has been smeared or squeezed right out of the tube. There are now 3D backgrounds with 3D characters and animations, including insects, space, transportation and sports to put in the scenes. Animated compositions can be saved with stereo 3D effects, viewable with the provided 3D glasses..."

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Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review!

Great news for Macintosh owners. Kid Pix, the popular drawing program used in many classrooms during the 1990s, has been updated for OSX. Like the first version, the program makes it easy to experiment with colors, paints, markers and water colors, along with a full library of animated stickers. It is also easy to narrate your creations, using the built in microphone or import your own images using the computer's built in camera or photo library.

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KID PIX 3D by Software MacKiev

"Kid Pix 3D is a drawing, painting, and presentation program that emphasizes communication and creativity skills through the use of video narration, easy path animation, and a flipbook creation tool. Judges found it highly engaging and said there was "little doubt" students would love the product. One judge added that the feedback functionality would help keep students' attention".

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Kid Pix 3D

"Does your child love art? Are you looking for an affordable 3D animation that your child can use to explore his or her creativity? Whist many Kids’ 3D animation software are attainable on the Internet, the best 2015 brand worth buying is this Kid Pix 3D software by Software MacKiev. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, is cost effective, and has an intuitive point and click interface with dozens of interesting features."

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The Coolest, Funnest, Most Creative Mac Drawing And Painting App Ever

"As a drawing and painting app, Kid Pix 3D is totally different than run of the mill drawing tools. Kid Pix 3D is truly a 21st century drawing tool for the immature masses.
My first thought was that the tools would be a little too sophisticated for pre-schoolers, but both of our pre-school curtain climbers had no trouble figuring out how to drop in animated characters and paths on the screen. Now if only they would hurry up and become world famous and be commissioned to do the animation for Avatar 2."

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Kid Pix 3D From MacKiev

"To say that Kid Pix 3D is a drawing program is to grossly undervalue it. Right from the first install, the fanfare and animation captures the imagination. I couldn't wait to get started drawing and painting. Every aspect of the application is meant to keep us enthralled. From the small voice of the undo man speaking things like "Oh No" to the goings on that we see when we change from a brush to a crayon. Everything you do with the app has some sort of pizzazz associated with it."

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Kid Pix 3D by MacKiev Software

"You may buy Kid Pix for your grandchildren but find yourself using it and enjoying every minute. For creative challenges, nothing could be better than this movie-making application. It can also be used as the ultimate coloring book. Kids love to be cool and Kid Pix is up to the challenge."

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Kid Pix 3D

"This software is everything kids need to create and share their stories. You can create the story with dozens of multi-layered 3D backgrounds, 3D stereo effects, 3D path animations, video narration, flipbook button, 3D paint tools, and movie backgrounds. ... I would also recommend this to other teachers, because I feel that the kids would love this software."

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Kid Pix 3D, allowing kids to bring their dreams to life

"Kid Pix 3D evolved from a basic drawing program to an animation studio for kids, and will allow children to really put into a scene what goes through their heads. Ever wanted to create a mystic world such as the one from Alice in Wonderland? This can help you re-create not the exact world, but similar in strangeness. ... All-in-all, Kid Pix is a fun tool for your kids, and maybe will help trigger an early design skill."

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Kid Pix 3D

"The greatest and most fun software my kids ever had and now it's even better! Amazing! ... The animation is this program is truly stunning and the fact that it is so simple will encourage even the youngest computer users to give it a try. It will be a great Mom and me activity for the Pre-K crowd and savvy K's and older kids will rock the house with their creations!"

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