Welcome to HyperStudio® AUTHOR!


The perfect iBooks® Author companion.

HyperStudio AUTHOR is an elegantly simple way to design extraordinary interactive books for the iPad® by creating HTML5-based media elements (widgets) that can be dropped into Apple's free iBooks Author. The resulting iBooks can be distributed freely, or published on Apple's iBooks Store℠. Teachers can prepare interactive presentations for student iPads, Macs and PC's, and students can publish their stories in eBook format with highly interactive multimedia content they create themselves using HyperStudio's award-winning drawing, painting and presentation tools.

Create Web Apps and Web Sites.

Export your HyperStudio projects as HTML5 Web apps that can be run offline and be delivered to iPads and iPhones without going through the App Store℠. They can also be embedded in Web sites and viewed in most modern mobile and desktop browsers, including Safari®, Chrome® and Internet Explorer®.

The Perfect Companion for HyperStudio 5.

If you are already using HyperStudio 5, then you know how to use HyperStudio AUTHOR. You can start by importing your HyperStudio stacks, or create new interactive stacks from scratch. Either way, you can't go wrong since HyperStudio AUTHOR contains only those HyperStudio 5 features that work in an HTML5 environment. That way, you create perfectly compatible interactive iBooks and HTML5 Web sites every time.


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