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Volume Pricing for Schools and School Districts**

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* Education and site license pricing information:
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  Software MacKiev's
    Mac OS X Windows
  (Minimum order is for 9 computers)
  (Ages 8 and up)
  (Ages 8 and up)
  3D Weather Globe™ & Atlas (Ages 10 and up)
  3D Weather Globe™ & Atlas DELUXE EDITION
  KID PIX® 3D (Ages 4 and up)
  KID PIX® 5 STEAM EDITION (Ages 4 and up)
  KID PIX® 5 STEAM EDITION UPGRADE (upgrades any previous version of KID PIX)
  KID PIX┬« 3D - SPANISH Edition (Ages 4 and up)
  KID PIX® 3D - UK Edition (Ages 4 and up)
  (upgrades Kid Pix Deluxe 4 and 4.1!)
  (upgrades KID PIX Deluxe 3X!)
  KID PIX® Deluxe 3X - French Edition
  The Print Shop® 4 (Ages 6 and up)
  The Print Shop® 4 UPGRADE (upgrades The Print Shop 1 & 2 & 3 and The Print Shop 8!)
  WORLD BOOK® Encyclopedia (Ages 8 and up)
  WORLD BOOK® Encyclopedia UPGRADE (upgrades any previous WORLD BOOK edition!)
  Edmark® Thinkin' Things® 1 (Ages 3-8)
  Edmark® Thinkin' Science® (Ages 5-8)
  Stellaluna (Ages 2-8)
  ClueFinders® 3rd Grade Adventures
  ClueFinders® 4th Grade Adventures
  ClueFinders® 5th Grade Adventures
  ClueFinders® 6th Grade Adventures
  ClueFinders® Math Adventures (Ages 9-12+)
  ClueFinders® Search & Solve Adventure (Ages 9-12+)
  Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing® - Academic Edition (2014) (Ages 6 and up)
  Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing® - Academic Edition (2014) UPGRADE (upgrades Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 16 or later!)

Computer Curriculum for KID PIX 3D Five Technology Projects: TechnoBasics, TechnoColors, TechnoLetters, TechnoNumbers, and TechnoShapes (Choose number of schools where curriculum will be used)

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**With a few licensing exceptions, a wide range of organizations can take advantage of our volume discount pricing including: Schools, School Districts, Libraries, Churches, Day Care Centers, Homeschools, and Makerspaces.

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