We’ve created thousands of new templates for this edition and performed lots of “template makeovers” on the rest so now you’ll have even better-looking
Now you can get the precision you need with rulers, grids and guidelines! It's all tied together in a handy Layout Palette that includes "snap to" functionality and the most common alignment tools.
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Create a multipage
project from 2 to
32 pages. Great
for making annual
reports, family
sales materials,
menus and
much more!
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There are now more than twice as many Special Edges and Transparent Effects to turn your projects into masterpieces!  
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Thousands of photos and fine art images on a separate Art CD!
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You’ll have fun with exciting new photo effects like these:
No more fussing with navigation: Just open iPhoto, select as many photos as you like, and drag them all at once into your project!
No more spoiled off-center  label printing with the new  Precision Print Alignment 
“Nudge” feature
which lets  you get
set it just right.
Mac OS X 10.4 users can take advantage of Tiger's Spotlight search capabilities to search for documents made in The Print Shop by project type, text in text blocks and headlines, and even by Avery label!
In addition to Avery you can now use CD Stomper, NEATO and Memorex
CD and jewel case stock.
iPhoto is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Avery, the Avery logo, CD Stomper, and CD Stomper logo are trademarks of Avery Dennison corporation. The Memorex logo is a registered trademark of Memorex Products Inc. NEATO is a registered trademark of Fellowes, Inc.