The Print Shop for Mac Version 2
"This program was made with the design challenged person in mind. It is so simple anyone can create professional design projects, yet it is also great for school projects. For those who need it, the program walks you through the design process."
read more... --Rick Curran

It would be a bargain at twice the price
"The Print Shop 2 for Mac has only been out for a few weeks but I can already say without reservation it's the best version of Print Shop to date. If you've used a previous version of The Print Shop you'll want the new version for its dozens of new features and improvements; if you've never used The Print Shop you'll want it so you can design printed projects like a pro, even if you're artistically challenged like yours truly."
read more... --Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
The Print Shop 2 for Mac ROCKS!
"If you need an all-purpose graphics program that's easy to use and reasonably priced, you need look no farther-The Print Shop 2 for Mac is just what the doctor ordered."
read more... --Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
The Print Shop 2
"Could The Print Shop 2 be the cheap, easy-to-use layout application we've been waiting for? There's more here to impress the pros ... much that even a heavyweight application such as QuarkXPress has only recently adopted."
read more... --Christopher Phin
Print Shop 2 ships
"Is The Print Shop 2 alone in its class on the Mac?"
read more... --Ron Carlson, Insanely Great Mac
The Print Shop
"... a terrific program and well worth the cost."
read more... --Ted Bade
The Print Shop 2
"Software MacKiev's The Print Shop is an amazing program, so easy to use. [...] I recommend it highly and can say it is a pleasure to use. Did I mention how easy it is to use? "
read more... --Virginia Chilcote

Broader iPhoto can do a lot for your image
"Print Shop is a very flexible, easy-to-use print design program that won't break the bank."
read more... --David L. Hart
Finally, art done right on the Mac
"MacKiev, the developer, has their act together and made sure The Print Shop will even work on the upcoming Intel-based Macs due in 2006. Slick."
read more... --Carol Mary Miller

The Print Shop 2.0 starts to take on the big boys...
"The inexpensive The Print Shop for Mac 2.0 from Software MacKiev ... starts to take on the big boys of page layout by introducing new tools like gridlines, rules, and snap functionality, plus a new project window which enables users to group items into four predefined categories. The Print Shop also gains drag & drop functionality with Apple's iPhoto, Mail, and other programs, and draws on the capabilities of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's Spotlight and Core Image technologies."
The Print Shop
"Ever since my first Apple IIGS, The Print Shop has been fun and it keeps getting better and better through the years. This version, number two, is the best one so far and I imagine the software engineers at MacKiev will keep improving it as time goes on."
read more... --Janet Mobley
Print Shop 2 for the Mac. . .
"This is not your father's Print Shop."