No more fussing with navigation: just open iPhoto, select a photo and drag it into your project!
You can import artists names, track names and times to make CD labels and cases without typing a word! Perfect for making CDs from your downloaded digital music collection, and custom CDs make great gifts for any occasion.
No need to enter all your contacts again! You can merge-print using the addresses, titles and other information you have already stored in your Mac’s Address Book!
Whether you want to make yourself a huge wall-size calendar of your favorite sports team or post your weekly schedule on the fridge, just select the events you want in iCal and import them all with a single click!
Now it’s easy as pie to use pictures from your iPhoto digital photo albums in your projects! Just select the ones you want in iPhoto and drag them onto your design. Simple as that!
Create professional-
looking iDVD sets with ready-to-use templates that match every iDVD theme in Apple’s iDVD 3 to the latest edition. All of the matching iDVD sets include our new DVD case template as well DVD face and jewel case QuickStart Layouts.
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iLife not included in the package.