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Requesting Technical Support

If your question is not answered in the FAQ section below, you may submit a Technical Support Request.

Make sure you include:

If your problem is related to printing, most likely it is caused by printer driver not the application. Download the latest driver from the web site of your printer manufacturer (list of websites of most popular manufacturers) and see if the problem persists. If it does persist, include in your Technical Support Request:

  •  Printer model and type (for example, EPSON 740 inkjet)
  •  Printing options set in The Print Shop Preferences (how to find out The Print Shop Printing Preferences) including
        Default Printing Resolution - High, Medium or Low
        Use Fast Bitmap Printing - Only if needed, Always or Never
  •   Version of the printer driver that you have just installed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  T1. Cannot Install The Print Shop Application
  T2. Cannot Install The Print Shop Updater
  T3. The Print Shop Files have Adobe Icon
  T4. Projects with Effects are Printed Incorrectly
  T5. Margins too Wide
  T6. Crash on Printing

How To:
  H1. Print Different Labels on a Sheet
  H2. Use Address Book Merging
  H3. Set Custom Paper Margins
  H4. Review Fonts in the Product
  H5. Create a Multipage Newsletter


T1. Cannot Install The Print Shop Application

Q: When I try to install I get a message that I have to upgrade my operating system. What should I do?

A: You probably do need to upgrade your operating system. If you have "Puma", upgrade to Mac OS X  version 10.1.5. If you have "Jaguar" - to Mac OS X v10.2.3.  You can do this for FREE using the Apple Software Update system that is built into your Mac. Not only will you then be able to install The Print Shop, but your entire computer will run better too, as most recent system editions contain a lot of bug-fixes and performance improvements that Apple has made. For more information on upgrading your operation system click here.


T2. Cannot Install The Print Shop Updater

Q: I downloaded an updater for The Print Shop, but I can't install it. A message says it failed to mount due to error 95 (no mountable file systems). What's the problem?

A: Make sure you have allowed the update installer the full time needed to download completely. An incomplete download is the most common reason for installers not working. If the updater did not download completely, you can either start over or resume the download. If you are using Safari, you can click the orange dot with the white curved arrow in it to resume downloading:

If you are sure that the updater has already downloaded completely, try restarting your computer and double-clicking The Print Shop updater again to see if you can get it to work.


T3. The Print Shop Files have Adobe Icon

Q: My Print Shop project files appear to have an Adobe Proof Setting icon instead of a Print Shop one, and I cannot open them. What should I do to fix this?

A: You need to "remind" your system which application should open The Print Shop files. To do this, select one of the files with a Adobe Proof Setting icon in the Finder and choose Get Info from the File menu. Click the Open with disclosure triangle in the palette that appears, choose The Print Shop from the pop-up menu and click the Change All button.


T4. Projects With Effects are Printed Incorrectly

Q: When I print a project with effects (such as opacity, shadow, glow, soft edges, special edges, and transparency), the printout looks corrupted.

A: Most likely it is a problem of printer driver. To workaround it, you should add the panel background to your project and set the Use Fast Bitmap Printing option in Printing preferences to Always. For more information, click here.


T5. Margins too Wide

Q: Sometimes when I create a new project, the margins are much wider than I'd like. And then when I select my printer in Page Setup, the layout suddenly gets much larger and the margins get smaller. Why does this happen?

A: This happens because Mac OS X automatically sets the printer for new project documents as "Any Printer". It's a kind of default setting, which by definition has to have the widest margins of any printer actually out there. So when you chose your own printer, the margins "jump'" to smaller ones and the art on your page will try to fill up the bigger space. The best thing to do is to select your printer in Page Setup each time you create a new project document and before you start laying out your work. That way you'll be creating your layout design with the right margin settings right from the beginning.


T6. Crash on Printing

Q: When I try to print my project, the application unexpectedly quits. What's wrong?

A: This is very likely to be a printer problem (not a software problem) and can be easily solved by updating to the latest printer driver. In particular, we have had lots of reports from people who successfully stopped crashes with their HP Photosmart printers by installing the latest driver from the Hewlett-Packard web site.


H1. How To Print Different Labels on a Sheet

Q: My CD Label sheets from Avery have two CD blanks per page. Can I print only one image on one blank?

A: Yes! Here's how: when you are in the Print Window, click the preview image of the single CD you want to print. A dark gray box will appear around it, showing that only this one will be printed. Print the label, insert the same sheet into the printer and repeat above steps to print another one on the same sheet.

This method of label selection is possible for all label templates in The Print Shop. If you have sheets with 30 address labels per page, for example, you can select any one of the thirty to print -- or hold down the shift key while you click to select several labels to print at a time.

Click the picture above to show full Print window.

H2. How To use Address Book Merging

Q: I want to merge-print using the records from my Address Book, but the Select List button is inactive in the Print dialog. What should I do?
A: You need to have at least one Address Field in your project. For more information, click here.

H3. How To Set Custom Paper Margins

Q: Can I set smaller margins or even zero margins for my project to take advantage of my printer's capability to print to the edge of the paper?

A: For many project types you can set custom margins by creating a custom paper size. Click here to learn more.

H4. How To Review Fonts in The Product

Q: I'd like to see all the fonts that are installed with The Print Shop. How do I do this?

A: To download a .pdf (2.5 Mb) that shows how all the fonts look, click here.

Q: My Text palette does not show WYSIWYG fonts as in the picture.

A: You need to update your copy of The Print Shop. To get the latest free update installer, click here.

TIP: You can quickly preview the variety of fonts that can be used in a text block you have just created. Here's how: select the text in the text block, place the pointer in the font name field in the Text Palette and press the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard. Try it!

  Text Palette

H5. How To Create a Multipage Newsletter

Q: I tried to create a newsletter with The Print Shop, but failed to find a way to create more then one page at a time. Is it possible?

A: While there is not a Newsletters project type in The Print Shop, you can make multipage documents (up to 35 pages long), by using the Banners project type and create a page of your newsletter on each page of the banner. Click here to learn more.

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