Frequently Asked Questions

Software MacKiev is delighted to be taking up the challenge of publishing the most widely used and most beloved family tree software of all time.

So when will Family Tree Maker start shipping again?
Both Mac and Windows editions are already available for purchase through our Online Store. Click here to get them now!
I already own FTM 2014 or FTM Mac 3. Do I need to purchase this new version?
No. There is a free update available. If you haven’t been notified that your update is ready, please sign up for our mailing list at and you’ll receive instructions and a link in a few days.
I own an older version of Family Tree Maker. Can I get a discount on an upgrade?
Yes! If you already have FTM 2012 or Mac 2 or earlier, you can download an upgrade to the latest version for just $39.95 (vs. regular price $79.95). To receive an instant upgrade offer by email, sign up for the FTM Mailing List at
Do I need to purchase a new subscription to use the new Software MacKiev versions of Family Tree Maker?
No, you do not need to purchase a new subscription to That’s because Software MacKiev is picking up where left off, so your subscription will still be valid and may be used with the new versions.
Will we need to transfer our trees in some way to use the new versions?
No. We are not starting over but rather building from the FTM 2014 and FTM Mac 3 editions, so you will not need to move your trees – as you would if you were moving to some other family tree software than Family Tree Maker.
Are your new versions of Family Tree Maker upgrades?
For FTM 2014 and Mac 3 users, these are updates, not major new introductions. We have added a few nice new touches such as new background art and an embellishments collection, but mostly we focussed on performance and stability improvements.
Where is Family Tree Maker sold?
Family Tree Maker is available worldwide through our online store. Click here to purchase it now. In the UK, FTM is also sold by My History, and it will be available soon through selected genealogy resellers in Canada and Australia.
Will Software MacKiev be supporting Family Search?
Yes. We expect to be implementing Family Search in future versions of Family Tree Maker. Ancestry had actually started implementing Family Search some time ago in both Mac and Windows versions so we have a big head start.
What about TreeSync? Will we still be able to keep our trees in synch with the tree we have on
Yes! TreeSync will be retired soon, but not on December 31st, and not before a new sync technology which we are developing with Ancestry is ready to replace it. So don't worry. Syncing plus Ancestry search and shaky leaf hints will all continue into 2017 and beyond.
Do I need to re-register with Software MacKiev?
No, you do not need to re-register with Software MacKiev, unless you are a resident of a country in the European Union in which case you should re-register by clicking here. All users should, however, sign up for the FTM Mailing List to find out about new product introductions, free updates and discounted upgrades. Click here to sign up now.
What about the Family Book Creator plugin by Stefan Harms? Is it compatible with the new versions?
Yes! Stefan Harms already has developed a free update for his Family Book Creator (FBC) for FTM 2014.1. A download link will be sent to registered FBC Newsletter subscribers and can be found inside your FBC licensing information as well. More details can be found here.
Where should FTM users go for technical support?
Software MacKiev now supports all versions of Family Tree Maker. If you are having a technical problem, please start here:
I am moving to a new computer. If I purchase an upgrade, will I need to install my old FTM copy on the new computer before upgrading?
No. If you are a registered user of an older version of Family Tree Maker, you will get a freestanding installer for your new computer so the old version will not need to be present.
Will the new Software MacKiev version erase my old one? Will it delete my old trees and files?
If you are updating from FTM 2014 to version 2014.1 you will get an option to replace your old version with the new one (and this is recommended). But in all other cases, including upgrading your Mac 3 version to 3.1, the installer ignores your older version completely. And none of our installers will touch any of your saved files.
I've installed a new Software MacKiev version. Do I need to keep the old version?
No. Once you have installed the new software, you can safely remove or uninstall your old edition if you like, though if you keep it, we recommend you move it to a different folder or to an external drive so that you don't start working on the old version by mistake.
Will versions of Family Tree Maker be available in other languages?
We are currently reviewing the possibility of producing localized editions, for which we have had many requests. Click here to request that we make a new language edition. You will be notified if and when an edition of Family Tree Maker for your country or language is released.
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